Wild Salmon and the Rise of the Salmon People

Rise of the Salmon People

Rise of the Salmon People from jeremy williams on Vimeo.


After a drastic decline in the Fraser River Sockeye Salmon in 2009,
Diverse communities in British Columbia,are coming together with a common goal;
to save Wild Salmon from infectious diseases spread through open-net fish farms.

First Nations Communities, Environmentalists, Tourism industries,
and Fishing Villages are uniting and uprising.
In May 2010, five thousand people attended the “Get out Migration”
demanding the removal of fish farms from BC’s coastal waters.
This historical Rally galvanized the movement and raised the profile of the issue.

In October 2010, after touring the Fraser River Basin, Dr. Alexandra Morton
canoed down the lower Fraser River in the “Paddle for Wild Salmon”,
arriving in Vancouver, along with hundreds of supporters, to address the
Cohen Commission, a federal judicial inquiry into the collapse of the Fraser Sockeye
and demand that the disease records from the fish farms be released.

Wild Salmon plays a vital role in the ecosystems of BC.
Many coastal and inland Communities, rich with cultural diversity
and history, are connected by the Fraser River Watershed and its Wild Salmon. This is their story, their quest to save the wild salmon; their sustenance, their livelihood.

People from across BC are now marching and paddling in unison to save the Salmon.

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